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We’are the first vendor market in the Caribbean

It’s official – we’re the first online marketplace in the Caribbean. You can play a role in our continued success.

Our Reach

We are part of  The Business Connections , with a active and growing database of over 5 k professionals  – that’s a lot of potential customers for your business.

Only noteworthy businesses

We handpicked our first 15 business to join the platform.. Business that are noteworthy and ready for the next step by taking their business online. We only work with businesses that knock our socks off, which means you’ll face less competition for customers.


From TV ads to press coverage, our marketing campaigns keep us – and by extension you – in the public eye.

What is the fee structure?

The showroom’s listings are free and active until they sell.
You don’t pay us anything until you make a sale. Once purchased, there is a small commission fee and a standard payment processing fee. We charge a 17,5% commission on all fulfilled orders. This includes 5.5 % processing fee on the total order cost.
Commission and cost (17.5%) is automatically deducted from the order subtotal when transferring the payment. * Payment processing fees above are Credit card processing rates. Fees vary by bank , so rates may differ depending on the your bank.

Affordable, transparent and secure

  • No listing fee
  • No monthly fees
  • Secure transactions
  • Bank deposits
  • Overview of your sales reports
  •  Seller

Simple, powerful tools

Spend less time managing your shop and more time creating and selling your products.

Manage your business anywhere

Use the back-end tools to manage orders, edit listings , from anywhere.

Improve your views

Attract more buyers on the Showroom and beyond with the extra features and marketing services we provide.

Beside a platform for online sales we can take care of all the additional work online sales might bring to the table for you. Check out these additional services so you can focus on what you do best ; production !

Get more from the support of our Lookbook features , Instagram shop and facebook shop.

Save big on shipping

By delivering your sold items to our drop off point. You safe time and cost on delivery.

Get more insights on your sales

Get report on your inventory and sales. Analyse quick and easy which products are doing good and which not.

Better & easy access to your figures

Get daily , weekly and monthly report on your sales. Easy to book in your  books or send to your accountant.

Clear overview on what you need to pay for OB..

The support you can count on

The selling

1. List your products on Theshowroom.store
2. We market your products online and offline
3. When customers order , they can pay through our checkout
4. You get a notification for fulfillment of their order
5. We help to get the order to your customer
6. We pay you

Marketing mix

We use a variety of integrated campaigns to reach millions of people through a wide variety of channels.

We use Social media and off line media to promote out platform and thus your products.

Business guidance

We are here to assist you the whole way , selling you products online.

We can give you advice on marking ideas , price calculations, stock management and even you administration if needed.

Against  small additional fees our great network of professionals , can help you with the showcase of your products, products descriptions and even photo edits .

A supportive community

Join a supportive community of top small-business talent, and talk to like-minded people in our exclusive merchants forum.

The means to expand your success

We will guide you towards the stairs towards a bigger success, in fact your success is ours .

How do I sell on The Showroom?

The merchants can now apply to sell directly on The showroom by signing up for a store here .

*Just a note, you must be a  Curacao based merchant (unless agreed different )

Once you install your store, it your store will be placed to be approved to sell on The showroom while our team reviews your application to see if your products are in line with The Show rooms vision.

If your application is approved, your products will be made available for direct purchase on The showroom‘s marketplace.

Once orders are placed and you fulfill them to The showroom with a tracking number, the payment for those orders will be automatically transferred to your bank account once a month unless otherwise agreed.


How do I manage my store page?

Once you are verified as the store owner, you can edit your store page in your The showroom Settings.

Store owners can upload their store logo as an avatar, edit their business description, save products, and create collections.

For tips on managing your online store’s presence , please visit our Best Practices for Stores.


What is The showroom’s fee structure?

You don’t pay us anything until you make a sale.
The showroom’s is free; however, once you are enabled to sell on The Showroom, we charge a 17,5% commission on all fulfilled orders. Commission is automatically taken out of the order subtotal. This includes the cost of the item and 5.5% payment processing fee and all other additional bank fees on the total order cost.

How do I get paid?

How do I get paid:

For payment to be issued, the order must be properly fulfilled in The showroom’with a tracking number and delivered at the Pickup point of The showroom.

To receive payment, orders must meet the following criteria:

  • Is marked ‘fulfilled’ (Delivered) to The showroom’
  • Has a valid tracking number.
  • Has been confirmed as received by the Showroom Pick up point.

The showroom considers a package ‘shipped’ if the carrier scans it at least once with any of the statuses below:

  • Out for delivery
  • Available for pickup
  • Returned to sender
  • Delivery failed
  • Delivered

The showroom automatically processes payment maximum 30 days after your order has been confirmed as shipped, The intention is to make the payments in the first week of each month.

For example, if your order was confirmed as shipped on June 11th, your payment will be issued int he frist week of August. The showroom reserves the funds for the order for 30 days in order to create a reserve fund for any problems that might occur. The Reserve is designed for consumer protection against any instances of delivery issues, online fraud, and potential disputes. But best of all to keep the transfer cost low for the merchant by making one transfer a month.

After payment has been issued, it can take up to 5 days for your bank to process the payment.  In the event a user claims that they have not received their package, The showroom reserves the right to require proof of delivery  in case the delivery is done by the merchant.


We are looking for you !

If you are :

  • Noteworthy , Innovative and original ideas; Something with a twist , that the world needs to know about.
  • Products you have sourced or designed yourself.
  • Products that is unique for the Caribbean
  • Stylish, unique and quality products
  • Great photography or other digital products.
  • Books for writers of the Caribbean and offspring
  • Respect for intellectual property rights — all our Partners must confirm they haven’t copied designs, products, name or trading style of another company or business.
  • Businesses that are looking to expand their success and exposure by selling online

What can you sell with us

You can sell everything from jewelry and clothing to home decor, workshops and more. We are always on the look out for new product ideas and we’re constantly looking to diversify our product mix, working with independent designer-makers, designer-manufacturers and small boutique retailers.