About a year ago, after finding it hard to find local handmade natural products Rajvee started making soaps for her family. Coincidentally, Monique was also making scrubs for her family and friends.

Focused mainly on locally made and sourced products and ingredients, Cactus Bloom was born. Cactus Bloom is a crafting business specialized in luxury soaps and scrubs.

But there’s a catch.. Monique and Rajvee are not simply two ladies who are looking to turn a hobby into a business. They are working from a passion within to offer outstanding products to others.

Monique, a pharmaceutical assistant, takes it upon herself to make sure all the ingredients used in the products are pure, organic and up to par. There are no preservatives added and during the process of creation hygiene is very important. The focus is to maintain a simple product. The products are made to be gentle, include oils and the scrubs even contain salt sourced from Bonaire. Cactus Bloom aims to have ingredients of the highest quality possible.

Rajvee, being a freelance environmental consultant, makes sure Cactus Bloom makes it a priority to be sustainable. Cactus Bloom focuses on sustainability in different areas. The packaging used for the products is mostly sustainable and the jars used for the scrubs are recycled jars. All materials which are used to package and decorate is sourced locally in an effort to support other local businesses.

Due to the natural and organic nature of the products, they make perfect gifts for adults, kids and babies. Cactus Bloom would like to contribute to the awareness of the benefits of using natural and organic products by offering beautiful quality creations in a creative way.

In case you’re wondering what would be a great gift, check out what Cactus Bloom has to offer. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, do not hesitate to contact them. Since mostly all products and ingredients are sourced locally, Cactus Bloom is able to make whatever you desire in a short amount of time. In case you want to see the products personally, follow them on social media to know which farmer’s/local market they will be visiting next or simply place your order to give their products a try!

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