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Our Mission

The showroom is an co-shop that facilitates temporary/ alternative retail spaces for small art & craft retailers , especially the individual artists, craftsmen & designers to sell all noteworthy products, and shares the inspiring stories about these persons, brand or businesses.

Our Approach

The retailers share the fixed costs for higher business results  in a friendly and social environment. It is a perfect model for micro entrepreneurs who can collectively create maximum visibility and accessibility with just a small investment.

The Concept consists of three types of services:

  • Online store with a Shared pick up service point
  • Coaching and Shared marketing services for vendors
  • Store management (marketing & sales, sales administration)

Our Stories

The showroom is an service of The Business Connection BV. The Business Connection offers services for smart business management making proper use of our extended network. Other services The business Connection offers is

Our Philosophy

We believe in collaboration !

Co-promotion is the marketing practice that allows more companies to combine their sales force in order to promote a their product under one roof and with a single marketing strategy. Together they will reach and build new audiences with less costs.

‘The Creative Habit’ is basically about how you work alone, how you survive as a solitary artist. ‘The Collaborative Habit’ is obviously about surviving with other people. -Twyla Tharp

Nevita Mezas

Nevita Mezas

Business Consultant & E commerce advisor
Hubertienne A. Decaster

Hubertienne A. Decaster

Interior designer | Photographer | Blogger
Cartherin Forres

Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director